Methods of Cookery ( cooking methods )

This is the thing about(cooking methods) how they ready your food in a hotel. There are few ways what they follow while cooking. It is not a simple thing. there are compulsory steps they should follow. It’s best to be aware of this before you travel around the world, there cities, there hotels and wherever.

Methods of cookery (Cooking Methods)

  1. Boiling
  2. Steaming
  3. Poaching
  4. Stewing
  5. Braising
  6. Boiling
  7. Frying
  8. Roasting
  9. Baking
  10. Grilling
  11. Pot-roasting
  12. Microwave
  13. Paper bag

1) Boiling

Boiling is the cooking of prepared foods in a liquid at boiling point. This could be namely:-

  1. Water
  2. Stock
  3. Milk
  4. Court-bouillon

2) Steaming

Steaming is the cooking of prepared foods by steam (moist heat) under varying degrees of pressure.

3) Poaching

The cooking of foods in foods in the required amount of liquid at just below boiling point.

Food cooked below boiling point.

* The liquids are namely:-

  1. Water or
  2. Stock or
  3. Milk or

Wine. (White wine)

4) Stewing

Stewing is the slow cooking of food, cut into pieces and cooked in the minimum amount of liquid are served together. Stewed foods can be cooked in a covered pan on the stove or in a moderate oven. The liquid used to stew is namely:-

  1. Water or
  2. Stock or
  3. Sauce (s2)

To cook slowly and gently in liquid.

5) Braising

It is a method of cooking in the oven. Unlike roasting or baking, the food is cooked in liquid in a covered pan, casserole or cocotte. It is a combination of stewing and pot-roasting.
To cook (meat/ vegetable) slowly in fat and little liquid in a covered dish.

6) Frying

Food may fry in 3 main degrees. Namely:-

  • Saute (tempered)
  • Shallow fry
  • Deep fry

1 Saute  (tempered)
Fat or oil poured just to cover the bottom of the pan and food article being

2 Shallow fry
Fat or oil poured to cover the article food half of and being fried

3 Deep fry
Food being fried in deep oil or fat is deep fry

7) Roasting

Roasting is cooking in dry heat with aid of fat or oil in the oven.

8) Baking

  1. Baking is the cooking of food by dry heat in an oven in which the action of the dry convection heat is modified by steam.
  2. To cause cook using dry heat in an oven.

9) Grilling

  1. British English – broil,American – to cook something under or oven direct heat.
  2. This is a fast method of cooking by radiant heat sometimes known as boiling
  • Methods of Grilling
  1. Oven heat – example – charcoal , barbecues gas or electric heated grills
  2. Under heat – gas or electric salamanders ( over fried grills )

10) Pot Roasting

Pot roasting is cooking on a bed of root vegetables in a covered pan known as “poele” this method retains maximum flavor of all ingredients

11) Microwave Cooking

This is a method of cooking and re-heating food using a high frequency power in a microwave oven powered by electricity. The microwaves similar to these which carry television from the transmitter to the receiver but are at a high frequency. The microwaves activate the water molecules or particles of food and agitate them , causing heat by friction which cooks or re-heats the food.

12) Paper bag cooking

known as ‘en papillae’ this method of cookery in which food is tightly sealed in oiled grease proof paper or foil so that during cooking no steam escapes and maximum natural flavor and nutritive value is retain

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