French Classic 13 Course Food Menu

This is all you need to know before you ask the menu from water in hotel. This shows you the Oder what should gentlemen get in hotel environment.This is best to be know of this before you sit on hotel dining room. That is why we are going to talk about this french classic 13 course food menu.

Classical =Traditional =based on or belonging to an old or established system.

  1. Hors d’ oeuvre / appetizer
  2. Soup (Potage)
  3. Pasta (Farinaceous Food) /Egg
  4. Fish (Poission)
  5. Entree (01st meat course)
  6. Remove / Releve (Large Joint
  7. Sorbet / Water ice
  8. Roti / Roast
  9. Vegetables / (Legumes)
  10. Entremet (sweets)
  11. Savory / Cheese
  12. Dessert (Fresh fruits)
  13. Tea / coffee

1. Hors d’ oeuvre / appetizer

Composed normally of dishes (food) of 1.Tangy (sharp in flavor), 2.Salty in nature and 3. Aimed to stimulate appetite.

The term hors d’ oeuvre applies to a variety of side dishes offered as appetizers such as 1.Potato salad, 2.Anchovies, 3.Olives, 4.Russian salad, 5.Cold eggs.

Single items also served as a preliminary appetizer course ( as a meal),  before the soup example

  • Melon, oysters, smoked salmon (type of fish), salami, sausages

Tangy       = sharp in flavor

Stimulate = to cause to become more active, grow faster

Appetite = a desire or wish to have something especially food

Appetizer = something eaten or drunk before or at the beginning of a meal to increase the desire for food.

  1. Soup (potage)

Two kind of soups are offered at a “Table d’ hot (set menu) menu at dinner service.

  1. Clear soup ( consomme soup/thin soup)
  2. Thick soup ( cream, veloute, puree)

Only one is served with each meal. The clear soup is listed first on the menu.

  1. Pasta and egg

May be served as preliminary course at lunch in place of or following soup course.

(At lunch this is the preliminary course instep of soup. Sometime this could follow soon offer the soup course too.) Egg dishes may site seen on lunch menu.

  1. Fish (poisson)

Two kind of fish offered on a ‘table d hotel’ dinner menu first is invariable (which cannot or does not vary or change) poached fish served with boiled potatoes or steamed a long with sauce mousse line or hollandaise sauce.

  1. Entrée  Meat course

 This is the first meat course at dinner. It is complete itself with vegetables. ex:- dish(food) like sweet breads, vol-Au-vent, liver.

Sweet bread

This culinary (cooking) term used for the “Thymus gland’’ (in the throat) and the “Pancreas’’ (near the stomach) in 1.calves 2.lambs 3.pigs…served as fried, grilled or poached.

  • Gland = (n) an organ of the body which produce a liquid substance, either to be poured out of the body or into the bloodstream.
  1. Remove / Releve

Is a larger joint and may consists of a saddle of lamb, a cushion of veal, braised ham or even venison. Potatoes and one or two vegetables are served

    1. Sorbet (water ice)

It is a,

1.pause during a long meal.

2. ‘Settle’ dishes food already served and

3. Stimulate the appetite rest of the course. It s a ice flavored with

  1. champagne
  2. delicate wine
  3. liqueur
  4. lime flavor.

Served in a large glass with tea spoon, Russian, Cuban cigars are served. Pause= A short but noticeable break in activity   to make a pause to stop and consider carefully what are they are doing.

  1. The Roast (Roti)

Consists of poultry or game served with their saucers, and gravy. A well dressed salad is served separately. Today a fine fillet of ‘roast beef’ may be served.


All wild animals and birds that are hunted for food especially as a sport belongs to the game category game are rich in ‘albumin’ nutritive value could be broadly categorized into two main sections.

1.Ground games (fured games)

* large ground games  Ex. Deer / Roe duck / Wild boar.

* small ground games Ex. Hare/ Wild rabbit.

2.Winged games ( feathered games )

Ex. wood cock/ grouse/ partridge/ snipe/ quail/ mallard duck/ pheasant (hen and cock)

3.Water games

Ex. Wild duck / wild goose


This means farm yard birds, less in fat, rich in ‘proteins’ and ‘Vitamin B1.’

Ex. Chicken/ turkey/ goose/ duck/ guinea fowl.

Wild = living or growing in natural conditions and having natural qualities, not bred, grown, or produce by humans, not tame or cultivate.

  1. Legumes /Vegetable:-

The French customarily serves a finely dresses vegetables as separate course. Ex:-Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce.

Customary:- established by custom ; usual or habitual.

  1. Sweet (Entremet):-

Consist of a hot sweet. Ex:- Souffle or rum omelet. Petites fours passed with this.

Petites four :-

A small fancy 1. Biscuit(cookie) , 2. Cake or 3. Item of confectionery.

  1. Savory / Cheese

Consist of tit-bit on hot canapé of toast or fried bread.

Cheese alternatively served( goes with water cress , celery stick , cream cracker biscuits.)

Tit-bit :- = 1. A small piece of particularly

Nice food. 2. A small but interesting piece.

  1. Dessert

This finely consist of basket of fresh fruits and nuts.

Types of Nuts :-

A dry fruit with a kernel surrounded by a hard shell. ex …

  1. Almonds.
  2. Brazil nuts.
  3. Cashew nuts.
  4. Peanuts.
  5. Wall nuts.
  6. Hegel nuts.
  7. Pistachio.

Kernel :- The usually eatable part of a nut , fruit stone , or seed , inside its hard covering.

  1. Tea / Coffee

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