Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple

 Gangarama Temple


Gangaram temple is Buddhist  significant place of worship, a place where they can find peace from the world and seek spiritual well –being.

Gangarama temple is situated in Colombo, western province. This place provides a spiritual guidance and also gives hopes to people who think they do not have a target or a life time hope. This temple provides much more facilities to develop the mentatly of those people into positive and skillful.

Eventhough this temple is situated in the main commercial city in the srilanka. This temple has always been at the forefront of safeguarding preserving religious and cultural values of srilanka. There were lot of Buddhist monks who developed this valuble place up to now. Specilly hikkaduwe  sri sumangala thero have ensured that the gangaramaya is an significant icon of the presentation of sri lanka religion and culture. And also ven galaboda gnanissra thero also an important participant in this develoing process of the temple.

Gangarma temple always want to look after the well being of buddist months and also the publick  the lord Buddha instructed months to go on pindhapatha daily this alms received were colleted in abowl made of alloyed metad only used by moths most commonly known as ‘pathoraya’ how even now a days this practice is very rare to see in our country due to various reasons . luck of quality paththoro was a great issued methol alley used to make paththora would rust with time due to the sult and acdity of the food. As ruslt the relationship between sangh and laity became more weak and distant but gangarama temple to the intltive of bringing down stainless steel bowls that doesn’t with the time.

In the past, it was a huge honour for a family to give one of their children for the sanga sasanaya. A great historical Buddhist book, nikaya sangarathnaya, which was written during the Dambadeniya Era, it is mentioned that this deed alone will be enough for the whole family to attain niwana.

However modern day many families are reluction to give their children to the sanga society.To address this issue, Gangaramaya Temple has launched programme for the ordained young children. Today not everyone can give a child to the Sanga sasana but they can contribute to the upbringing of a samanera. For this activity they can contribute along with the anincial aid or education, medicine and other recessities.

Before the arrived of portuguose dutch and british the only education systm of the county was centred around the temple everyone was able to the read write full language during the coloned rule of british they stoped temple education and few temple were romian for this purpose vidyoaya and vidyalankara pirivon were there to carry out the piriven education. As member of maha sangha one has to the pali and Sanskrit  languges in order to understand tripitaka for this kaluthara temple and gangarama temple provides a very good background for maha sanga and also gangarama temple provides scdershi as well.

Sunday school is another programe was intrted by ven hikkaduwe sri sumangala thero at the gangarama now a days Sunday school is conducted in both Sinhala and English medium.

In this way this vulable temple continus to instill a sense of spiritlity in the people of srilanka the services renden this temple is uncountable for the modern sotety this is a one peaceful and valuble place in the most busstest city in sri lanka..

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